San Francisco, CA.

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Rain Shower by Eyvind Earle

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A storm and a sunset mix well

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“You have your weapons, and we have ours. Let’s see who wins.”

From “Guarda Bosques,” great documentary on the 2011 Purépecha uprising to defend the forests and culture of Cherán, Michoacán.

Saludos to workingclassnemo for posting the screenshots.

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if you’re Mexican and you wanna talk shit about Salvadorans, unfollow me right the fuck now. ~NoBullshit2k14~ I will never stand for inter-ethnic racism and none of this “We are better than them” mierda. and even worse when you wanna call yourself Catholic, but you see no need to care for or stand in solidarity with Salvadorans. BYE

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ScHoolboy Q - Blessed feat. Kendrick Lamar

Now how the fuck I’m ‘posed to say this? / You see, my nigga just lost his son while I’m here huggin’ on my daughter / I grip her harder … Kiss her on the head as I cry for a bit / Thinkin’ of some bullshit to tell him, like / “It’ll be okay. You’ll be straight, it’ll be aiight …

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The binding cover to the GODZILLA VS. DESTOROYAH shooting script.

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Das some white people shit.

Usually said when one suggests an activity that can be dangerous to ones health and/or well-being. (via blackproverbs)

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Her Sins - L’Orange

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